da ben der?

so i just got a “cab” from in front of my hotel and asked him to take me to a well know shopping center. he of course had no idea what i was talking about so i asked him to take me to the ferry which i think is next to where i want to go.

he asked me, “da ben der?” which i think is bad english for something but am afraid if i ask him any questions he will just drive away. so i nod and get in.

should be fun to see where i end up!


home address sir?

where is home?

I keep getting asked for my “home” address… this of course completely confuses me every single time as I don’t have a home address.

I’ve forwarded all my mail to my parents (very grateful mom and dad!) but thats not home. I’m tempted to use my old address in San Francisco but I don’t live there either. yesterday while enjoying a mango juice at the pool bar I just said “here” which of course was met with confused looks but it really is the best answer. this is home and when I get somewhere else that will be home.

home is where my suitcase is :)


[image courtesy of Jessica]


i’m over here somewhere-ish


Thanks for all the support!

i’m in the Philippines!! i actually made it!!

being back out traveling has been a goal of mine for the last year. after the software startup I worked on ended in March of 2012 I’ve been working my way to this point (sitting poolside in Cebu City at the moment) for the rest of the year.

the experiment begins

first there were a few experimental trips. i went to Nicaragua for 6 weeks and had a blast. i chose Nicaragua for a few reasons…

1. i had never been there or to central america in general

2. it seemed to be pretty exotic while still fairly close to home and in the same time zone

3. if being back out of the country long term again didn’t work for me again i could be back in SF in no time

i wanted to see if i could manage a dream i’ve had for a long time which was to live and work from anywhere. i figured if i could do it from nicaragua i could do it from anywhere and it was a big success. it turns out that i am completely content to plug away on my computer earning a living from a hammock. i dont need to know anyone wherever i go because i make friends with the people around me. in nicaragua i connected with the other people living in the condo complex and the staff. they invited me to join them for dinners and conversations and we shared a lot of laughs.


the experiment continues

next i went to live in the mountains of colorado with an old friend of mine. each day was filled with breathtaking views and nature. i rode my mountain bike almost everyday, spent time in boulder, and reconnect with a good buddy. it was epic.

as i was driving back to san francisco i had a lot of time to think and it turns out that i did not miss SF. not that its not a great place and i’m grateful for all my friends and experiences there but i simply was never homesick. i still wanted more.

another success!

and even more experimenting to come

i got home from colorado and immediately went into action to prolong the experiment. i sold everything i owned. i let go of the beautiful loft i lived in for the last 9 years. i bought a one way ticket and now am writing this from the previously mentioned poolside in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines!

so much gratitude

i did not do this alone as i had a TON of support from friends and family. as i unfolded my plans and ideas to the people i love i got nothing but love and support back. people helped me decide where to go, helped me sell my stuff, brought me travel gifts, took me out for dinners, gave advice, let me store a few things at their houses and 1 gave me a ride to the airport and a final hug in the US!

to all of you i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

i especially want to thank mom and dad and my sister cynthia who listened to this idea and NEVER discouraged me from doing it. in fact i have no memory of anything but complete support and encouragement. i’m a lucky guy to have such a great family :)

and now for the credits

thank you to: bob, james, carol, chris, courtney, jonathon, dave, anja, anya, melanie, dave, rachel, greg, mike, andre, joseph, quinn, nick, chris, bob, bob, everyone at hotel xalteva, ali, tyler, heidi, cheryn, benjamin, ylva, art, debra, linda, karl, heather, sean, brian, robert, and erich just to name a few.

stay tuned

stay tuned for more photos and stories from the philippines :)


Mountain Biking at Vail in Colorado Aug 13, 2012

Vail – Radio Flyer on Pinkbike


Mountain Biking at Keystone in Colorado Aug 12, 2012


 my new favorite thing

yesterday i went to Boulder’s Whole Foods which is the size of most town’s Walmart and found Coconut La Croix. the buddha in me loves it! i’m sitting on the deck enjoying my coconut fizzy water and not missing the fire engines, traffic, and general urban-ness of San Francisco one bit.


view from my front deck

one lucky fella

My feet are itchy lately. I just got into Colorado yesterday evening after a 20 hour drive. I’m happy to say my 1997 VW Jetta and I are both doing well!

For whatever reason lately I’ve been excited to change my scenery. A few weeks ago I was in Nicaragua, then back to SF long enough to get 3 parking tickets ($189 in total). And now I’m in the mountains above Boulder, CO visiting a friend of mine. Today we decided to head
down to Boulder and bike around town for a few hours and then have some lunch. I dig boulder! Tons of fit people outside doing cool stuff.

As I as riding behind my buddy Chris I just couldn’t help being ecstatic about getting this opportunity for a change of scenery. I love SF and all but I’m in the mood for something different. I’m stoked about the idea of spending mornings on my mountain bike, trail running, and basically just seeing different views and faces.

I’m a lucky fella!


its so much pressure being famous

my poor little blog has stagnated since my return from Nicaragua… and it pays to think about why.

i wrote a few posts while living in my hammock next to my pool in the middle of some hot Nicaraguan days that really rolled off my keyboard. sometimes when i write the words just seem to come together and when i’m done i feel like what came out is what i had intended. so far so good right? the problem for me came when other people also agreed that my writing was engaging!

“uhh… dude, how is that a problem?”

good question! well… as soon as i had other people liking what i wrote i was afraid to write something that didn’t live up to expectations. this pretty much completely shut down any creativity i might possess.

to rectify this i think i will not share my posts on facebook. doing so is an obvious attempt at self promotion. i’m much better off writing for myself. doing so will keep me more authentic and honest and hopefully restore my creativity.

i’m about to head back out  on the road and there’s bound to be interesting stuff ahead.

thanks for not reading this AND double thanks for not “liking” it or commenting on how funny it is :)


stable rocks

stable rocks