view from my front deck

one lucky fella

My feet are itchy lately. I just got into Colorado yesterday evening after a 20 hour drive. I’m happy to say my 1997 VW Jetta and I are both doing well!

For whatever reason lately I’ve been excited to change my scenery. A few weeks ago I was in Nicaragua, then back to SF long enough to get 3 parking tickets ($189 in total). And now I’m in the mountains above Boulder, CO visiting a friend of mine. Today we decided to head
down to Boulder and bike around town for a few hours and then have some lunch. I dig boulder! Tons of fit people outside doing cool stuff.

As I as riding behind my buddy Chris I just couldn’t help beingĀ ecstaticĀ about getting this opportunity for a change of scenery. I love SF and all but I’m in the mood for something different. I’m stoked about the idea of spending mornings on my mountain bike, trail running, and basically just seeing different views and faces.

I’m a lucky fella!

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