its so much pressure being famous

my poor little blog has stagnated since my return from Nicaragua… and it pays to think about why.

i wrote a few posts while living in my hammock next to my pool in the middle of some hot Nicaraguan days that really rolled off my keyboard. sometimes when i write the words just seem to come together and when i’m done i feel like what came out is what i had intended. so far so good right? the problem for me came when other people also agreed that my writing was engaging!

“uhh… dude, how is that a problem?”

good question! well… as soon as i had other people liking what i wrote i was afraid to write something that didn’t live up to expectations. this pretty much completely shut down any creativity i might possess.

to rectify this i think i will not share my posts on facebook. doing so is an obvious attempt at self promotion. i’m much better off writing for myself. doing so will keep me more authentic and honest and hopefully restore my creativity.

i’m about to head back out ¬†on the road and there’s bound to be interesting stuff ahead.

thanks for not reading this AND double thanks for not “liking” it or commenting on how funny it is :)


  1. Courtney says:

    I didn’t read this.

  2. nice…ur new friend in the phils.

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