getting stuck while traveling – davao, philippines

Davao City


so i’m still in davao. i’ve been here for the last week or so and i can already see how easy it is to get stuck in a place.

when i left San Francisco in search of a simpler place i had visions of beaches and hammocks and as you can see from the photo, that aint davao. but what i did find here was a few western friends who have been incredibly welcoming and have taken me out on the town a bit. a few local people who are also warm and friendly. a gym and trainer that i like to work out with. a vision of decent living in PI.

i can see already how easy it is to get stuck while looking for the right place to call home for a while. do i get a place here and make this my base for exploration? do i continue to pack my bag and explore each new place as a beginner? are friends and warm welcomes limited to this place or will i find that wherever i go? is this good enough? is any place going to be good enough? will i find that idyllic place with a beautiful beach, bikini model women, peaceful hammocks with access to blazing fast internet, epic mountain biking options, a posse of awesome friends, bright shiny nightlife opportunities, cheap and awesome cuisine? am i asking too much :) probably… but that’s what i’m looking for.

davao is on the list. sure its not that tropical island paradise i had envisioned in my dreams but i can see that with a little effort all of that is available (except maybe the food…). do i dig into a place and make it what i’m looking for or do i continue the search for the place that immediately captivates me? these are my luxury problems at the moment and yes i am in complete gratitude!

i’m leaving davao in a few days. it will be interesting to find out what thoughts my time here will provoke in me. i can definitely see coming back whether its permanent (which means 3 months tops) or if its just a trip to visit my new found friends…

more will be revealed :)

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