view from my front deck

one lucky fella

My feet are itchy lately. I just got into Colorado yesterday evening after a 20 hour drive. I’m happy to say my 1997 VW Jetta and I are both doing well!

For whatever reason lately I’ve been excited to change my scenery. A few weeks ago I was in Nicaragua, then back to SF long enough to get 3 parking tickets ($189 in total). And now I’m in the mountains above Boulder, CO visiting a friend of mine. Today we decided to head
down to Boulder and bike around town for a few hours and then have some lunch. I dig boulder! Tons of fit people outside doing cool stuff.

As I as riding behind my buddy Chris I just couldn’t help being ecstatic about getting this opportunity for a change of scenery. I love SF and all but I’m in the mood for something different. I’m stoked about the idea of spending mornings on my mountain bike, trail running, and basically just seeing different views and faces.

I’m a lucky fella!


its so much pressure being famous

my poor little blog has stagnated since my return from Nicaragua… and it pays to think about why.

i wrote a few posts while living in my hammock next to my pool in the middle of some hot Nicaraguan days that really rolled off my keyboard. sometimes when i write the words just seem to come together and when i’m done i feel like what came out is what i had intended. so far so good right? the problem for me came when other people also agreed that my writing was engaging!

“uhh… dude, how is that a problem?”

good question! well… as soon as i had other people liking what i wrote i was afraid to write something that didn’t live up to expectations. this pretty much completely shut down any creativity i might possess.

to rectify this i think i will not share my posts on facebook. doing so is an obvious attempt at self promotion. i’m much better off writing for myself. doing so will keep me more authentic and honest and hopefully restore my creativity.

i’m about to head back out  on the road and there’s bound to be interesting stuff ahead.

thanks for not reading this AND double thanks for not “liking” it or commenting on how funny it is :)


Holy Crap!!


Happy 4th of July


what the heck is this thing?? el libro!!

i discovered something. apparently its called el libro here in nicaragua.

it’s has a few of the similarities to an ipad or iphone but more closely resembles a kindle. this reading device is unique in a few ways. first… i dropped it and the screen didn’t break which is cool. no idea what something like that would cost to replace… second is that apparently people just leave them around and don’t mind if someone else picks it up to read its contents. these things are EVERYWHERE. lastly… i’ve been using this one for almost 4 days now and i haven’t had to recharge it yet.

there are downsides to everything though as it only contains one story. when i’m done with it i suppose i’ll just leave it here for someone else to read..



“To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

OK sure… you can look at this as just another person trying to be profound by adding an inspirational quote to one of their blogs, tweets, or facebook status’. Perhaps that true a little bit. But I was reading something earlier today that had mentioned this quote and it spoke to me. I am a human in progress. I try to be nice to people and be be a kind and loving friend, brother, and son. Many times though I need a reminder about the right way to live. A way to live that is win win for everyone. This is one of those reminders to me. Thanks Ralph.


The Nicaraguan Drugstore Cowboy

one thing I love about being in another country (especially one where things are so different than back home) is that it forces me to be present. days don’t just fly by. instead they are filled with simple adventures. yesterday for example I had a bit of an ear ache. nothing serious but I haven’t had the same kind of pain since i was in third grade and asking to rest on the nurses cot. i am afraid its the start of an infection (likely from swimming in the same pool as ten thousand children all week). so starts the adventure.

step one.

figure out if I need to see a doctor. the idea of this is a bit to overwhelming and I hate going to a doctor back home so why would I here if I don’t have to. so that’s out unless its urgent and dire. also the beauty of some third world countries is that you can get drugs at a drug store that you would need a prescription to get in the states.

step two.

figure out where there is a pharmacy. it’s trickier than you would think because many many people here run stores out of their homes so it’s not uncommon to see the family sitting around the TV when I go to buy some milk. this step is made somewhat easier because I asked my Spanish teacher. although she will only speak to me in Spanish to I nod a lot and hope I actually understand what I think I do.

step three.

follow directions that I only understood every fifth word of. to my surprise I get there on my first try.

step four is a big one.

now its time to try to explain my situation to the women in the “pharmacy” / house. i like to start every conversation in Spanish with… Lo Cientos. Yo hablo espaniole muy malo. (i’m sorry. i speak spanish very badly). next comes a combination of badly conjugated verbs, wild hand gestures, and for some reason a little dance. to my absolute amazement and joy she acts like she fully understood and waves me in with a cock sure gesture that makes me believe this woman can heal the sick.

step five.

watch as she counts out some pills and explains to me the instructions on how to take them. she either says take three pills a day for six days OR take six pills a day for three days OR take one pill every three days for six weeks. this is when I look that woman straight in the eye and nod and smile. my goal is to give her that same level of assuredness that I understood her directions as she gave me that she understood my problem. i figure we’re on a roll here so let’s not rock the boat with silly details.

I pay the lady a 170 cordobas which is about eight bucks and I back my bike out of her store house and I’m on my way.

step six.

ride back to my casa having had a real adventure out of something that would usually just be somewhat of an annoyance.

step seven.

call mom and dad to get a second opinion. after explaining the pills and drops to him as best i understood we both agreed to roll the dice :)


How Much Richer Than Me Do You Need to Be??

I just love this guys humor! And couldn’t agree more!! Thanks @mikefalzone


Last weekend I went with a couple people from my spanish school to San Juan del Sur. SJS is a cool little beach town that was a really nice change of scenery from Granada where I live at the moment.

I got to do a little surf lesson on a deserted beach with a doctor from Portland named Kate and a guy from Denmark named Jasper. For both of them it was the first time on a board and we had a blast.

To get there we needed to navigate the local buses which are basically school buses where they cram as many people on as possible. On the last stretch home I was standing in the aisle for about an hour. It’s actually not as bad as you would think and a really great way to feel a part of real Nicaragua.

Basically a fun day at the beach with some new friends having an adventure that is only possible a long way from home.

I’m very grateful to be able to be here!


We Are Far Too Easily Pleased

Even though my life is amazing I like to challenge myself to imagine things far far greater…