the haircut interview

so i went to the mall today (which if you did not know is the center of the universe in the philippines. i just moved into a new hotel and the selling point for my room was that it has a view of the mall). after my morning starbucks i stopped at a place to get my haircut.

now since i had never been there before i expected some kind of interview… you know like when was your last haircut and how short would you like to go? not this haircut. never was the actual cutting of the hair discussed. the questions were:

what country are you from?
how old are you?
are you married?

surprisingly they took my answers to those questions and gave me a spiffy little cut! thanks philippines!!


getting stuck while traveling – davao, philippines

Davao City


so i’m still in davao. i’ve been here for the last week or so and i can already see how easy it is to get stuck in a place.

when i left San Francisco in search of a simpler place i had visions of beaches and hammocks and as you can see from the photo, that aint davao. but what i did find here was a few western friends who have been incredibly welcoming and have taken me out on the town a bit. a few local people who are also warm and friendly. a gym and trainer that i like to work out with. a vision of decent living in PI.

i can see already how easy it is to get stuck while looking for the right place to call home for a while. do i get a place here and make this my base for exploration? do i continue to pack my bag and explore each new place as a beginner? are friends and warm welcomes limited to this place or will i find that wherever i go? is this good enough? is any place going to be good enough? will i find that idyllic place with a beautiful beach, bikini model women, peaceful hammocks with access to blazing fast internet, epic mountain biking options, a posse of awesome friends, bright shiny nightlife opportunities, cheap and awesome cuisine? am i asking too much :) probably… but that’s what i’m looking for.

davao is on the list. sure its not that tropical island paradise i had envisioned in my dreams but i can see that with a little effort all of that is available (except maybe the food…). do i dig into a place and make it what i’m looking for or do i continue the search for the place that immediately captivates me? these are my luxury problems at the moment and yes i am in complete gratitude!

i’m leaving davao in a few days. it will be interesting to find out what thoughts my time here will provoke in me. i can definitely see coming back whether its permanent (which means 3 months tops) or if its just a trip to visit my new found friends…

more will be revealed :)


searching for “home”

searching for home

so i’ve been in the philippines for a little over a week now and it has occurred to me that before i can start to really dig into this place i need to find a “home”. what is home? just a place where i can feel comfortable living for one to three months. i want to unpack my bag and put it away for a while. i want to stay in one place and feel what it might be like to be here for a bit. this is different from any other “vacation” since i’m not in vacation mode. i want to arrive at a place and say, “yeah… this could be me for a while”.

currently i’ve checked out Cebu City and Dumaguete neither of which really resonated with me. despite all the blogs and forums i’ve read from other expats saying they like living in either of these two places, neither has given me that “homey” feeling. I have no disillusionment that i’m in a foreign country and that home will and should feel a lot different from what i’m used to but i can say that i’m happy to be moving on tomorrow.

tomorrow i head to the souther island of mindanao and in particular davao city. will this be home? don’t know but eager to find out.